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A-M Systems 1700 Series 4-Channel Differential AC Amplifiers Simple Type: Differential AC Amplifier

The Model 1700 Differential AC Amplifier has been designed for research or teaching applications which require extracellular neurophysiological recording from excitable tissue, such as nerve, muscle (EMG), EEG, EKG, and ERG recordings. The instrument contains four independent, isolated amplifiers in a single enclosure allowing the researcher to record several signals simultaneously. Combining four channels in one instrument significantly reduces equipment costs while providing a more convenient research environment. Each channel in the Model 1700 consists of an high-gain, low-noise differential amplifier stage followed by high-pass, low-pass, and notch filters. A stimulator input is also integrated into each channel to allow for recording or stimulating through the same electrode. Simply connect your stimulation signal source to the input and set the MODE switch to STIM; this eliminates the need to disconnect the electrode inputs from the amplifier during stimulation. Four 1-meter-long input cables are included with the amplifier. These cables can be extended up to a total length of 4 meters for an additional fee.

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